How to Eliminate Toxins in the Body

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If you’re wondering how to deal with toxins in the body, you’re in the right place.

Polluted air, polluted water, polluted food — they’re all a source of toxicity we share. And this is something that, before today, our mind and body have never had to contend with.

The problem is that toxic buildup creates some real health challenges, like brain fog, weight gain, low energy, and chronic pain. No thank you!

In this post, I’ll explain what toxins actually do to your body, why toxic buildup impacts men and women differently, and 2 simple detoxification practices you can do easily and start today.

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How Do You Know If You Have Toxins in Your Body?


We know toxins in the body aren’t good for us.


They can lead to:

  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain
  • Low energy
  • Chronic pain
  • Moodiness

… to name a few common negative symptoms.


Ultimately, this is a result of the toxicity of our environment, what we put into our bodies, and what we’re exposed to.

So we know toxicity is the bad guy, but what does it actually do to our body?

What is underneath all of those symptoms is something that most people are not aware of: hormone imbalance.

Toxicity causes hormone imbalance in our bodies. 

It's actually one of the major causes of hormone imbalance.

And what is hormone imbalance in our bodies?


The Hormonal Impact of Toxins in the Body


How toxins in the body impact your hormones, and therefore your symptoms, depends on if you’re a man or a woman.

Men require more testosterone and less estrogen.


If men have the opposite (more estrogen and less testosterone), they become:

  • Moody
  • Irritable
  • Experience brain fog
  • Have low energy
  • Low libido
  • Weight gain


One of the functions of estrogen, whether it be in a woman's body or a man's body, is to provide extra fat to the body.

If a man has high estrogen, it will lower his testosterone and cause muscle mass to go down and fat to go up.

But if a woman’s body is low in estrogen, her body will produce more fat.

So we are different. Hormonal imbalance causes different symptoms.

Women require more estrogen and less testosterone.

When women have more of the masculine hormone testosterone or are making a lot of testosterone, they're not making estrogen.

This is a problem because estrogen is so significant for women.


When a woman’s body isn’t making enough estrogen:

  • Her body fat goes up
  • Her stress levels go up
  • She loses her ability to enjoy life and be happy


When estrogen is low, the body says “we need more fat” because fat will produce estrogen.


So this is really crazy what goes on with hormone imbalance:

  • It causes men to lose their power and confidence
  • It causes women to lose their ability to enjoy life and be happy
  • It also causes stress levels to go up for both men and women


When cortisol, the stress hormone, goes up in a woman, her estrogen is low.

When cortisol goes up for men, his testosterone is low.

What we want to do is create hormone balance, remove toxins, and reduce stress.


Balancing Hormones — The Natural Way


Now, in my book, Beyond Mars and Venus, I talk about how certain behaviors in our relationships and life will bring about hormonal balance.

But, if we're toxic, those behaviors are not as effective.


To create balance, we have to deal with: 

  • Our mind
  • Our heart
  • Our behaviors
  • Get rid of toxins in the body that actually cause hormone imbalance


So how do you get rid of those toxins?

There are 2 simple ways that I recommend.


2 Ways to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Body


#1: Fasting

The body's designed to detoxify itself if you stop eating.

When you're fasting, you're not going to eat any solid foods. You're going to drink lots and lots of water.

Every religion and culture has always included fasting. Fasting was a big part of every tradition in the past to help people detoxify when they were exposed to negative elements in nature. Today, we're exposed to so much more quite often, but we can still remove toxins in the body if we practice fasting.

However, we need a little extra help with our fasting.


For most people today, if they start fasting... 

  • They get headaches
  • They have low energy
  • They feel horrible!


It takes about two days of fasting before you have no hunger and feel fine.

But you don't have to fast for three days. 

Even if you fast for one day, it has a huge impact.

In terms of how frequently, once or twice a month is a good place to start.

You can start with one day, then you can move to two days, then three days.

When you get to three days, you’ll feel like you're in heaven because your body is easily detoxifying. But to get there, you've got to turn on the detoxification system in the body.

Because when you stop eating, your body says, "Oh, we're not digesting. Well, let's clean house. Let's get rid of all that bad stuff ... Clean out those closets and clean out the liver, clean out the organs, clean out the body, and get rid of the toxicity that's been accumulating."

This rapid cleansing can overload the body and cause a lot of those unpleasant side effects.

But we have a great remedy for this. Which brings me to the second way you can facilitate detoxification in the body...


# 2: Supplements That Detoxify

Fasting alone can be challenging without the help of supplements. So if you've tried fasting before and it’s been a total failure, don't give up hope. These supplements can help you have a new, more easeful and effective experience so you can get rid of toxins and vastly improve your quality of life.

Here are the 3 supplements I recommend taking to ease and supercharge your fast!


  • The Super Cleanse

The Super Cleanse is a product I developed that facilitates the detoxification process.

I use it myself to detoxify regularly, and I’ve recommended it for 20 years now. It's fantastic.

The first ingredient that makes it so effective is lemon. 

Lemon (or lime) flushes out toxicity and bile from your liver because a lot of our toxins in the body are stored in the liver. Lemon will also alkalize your body, which helps the body to remove the acids of toxicity.

Whether you’re fasting or not, the best way to benefit from this product is to go without food in the morning and start your day with this drink.

The next key ingredient is enzymes.

Enzymes digest food. But guess what? If you're not eating food, those same enzymes break down toxicity so it can be easily taken out of your body.

The Super Cleanse includes minerals to activate these key enzymes. Because that's very important: They work together, minerals and enzymes.

The next vital ingredient we include in this detox helper is probiotics.

Probiotics restore gut function, and gut function is necessary to remove toxins in the body instead of them being absorbed back in.

Because if your liver dumps the toxins into your bloodstream, and your gut isn’t doing its job to remove those toxins, then they will simply be reabsorbed by your body. So these ingredients really work together to support the entire detoxification process so you can feel good and be toxin-free!

But we couldn’t leave it at just that. There’s one more element that is necessary for ease and success and that is aloe vera.

Aloe vera soothes the gut so that these toxins can come out.

It's healing, just like when you have a sunburn, you put aloe vera on it. The inflammation goes away. The pain goes away. It helps the body in its healing response.

Supplement Spotlight - Super Cleanse

Just add Super Cleanse powder to some water, drink it, and you're done. It tastes good, your hunger goes away so you can cleanse your liver daily, and fast without the usual negative side effects.


  • Super Minerals for Energy (Men & Boys | Women & Girls

These are minerals that activate brain function so your brain doesn't get stressed during this time.

This is important because taking these minerals will help to minimize hunger so it’s easier to fast.


They produce dopamine and serotonin so your brain feels more energetic. And when your brain has plenty of energy, you don't crave food.

Supplement Spotlight - Super Minerals

Take two capsules of these for men or these for women with your lemon cleanse to replenish your brain and body with the minerals it needs to maintain and balance your weight, energy, and mood.


  • MSM for Extra Detoxification

Another supplement I highly recommend for removing toxins from the body that's wonderful and very inexpensive is called MSM.

MSM is a form of sulfur, and sulfur is the ultimate natural detoxifier.

Keep in mind: Don't take the sulfur with the Super Cleanse.

They're doing two different things to be taken at two different times of day.


In the morning...

The Super Cleanse will activate the liver detoxification process.

And you can add your Super Minerals with this to help create energy and reduce hunger.


In the afternoon and before bed...

A teaspoon of sulfur, MSM will supercharge your detoxification program.


NOTE: MSM is very powerful.


So, until your body gets used to detoxifying:

  • Start with only one-fourth of a teaspoon in a glass of water
  • Then, gradually build up to half a teaspoon
  • Then, build up to one full teaspoon


Once you're doing one full teaspoon twice a day in the afternoon and at night, that will do the work while you're sleeping and during the day to continue detoxifying while you fast.

Supplement Spotlight – MSM

This is one of the most important building blocks in our body and it could be naturally sourced but it’s challenging to get from our foods today. This pure crystal form helps with detoxification, as well as with pain relief and maintaining beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

Even if you’re not fasting, adding these supplements to your program can assist in a gentle daily detoxification of your body. But if you want to supercharge your results (without the detox "flu" symptoms), try 1-3 days of fasting with these supplements to help facilitate the process.

I hope you put some of these practical suggestions to remove toxins in the body to use!

They will help you have greater clarity in your mind, hormonal balance, weight loss, and more energy.

So you can detoxify and enjoy life more.


Grow in love,


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