What Is Bipolar Disorder?

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You feel on top of the world! Nothing can get you down...until it does. Then you hit rock bottom, and you feel you’ll never be happy again. That’s bipolar disorder.

The drugs that you’re prescribed might help lessen the extremes, but they don’t address the root problem that’s actually causing bipolar.

Read on so you can start feeling happier, healthier, and more like yourself than you have in years!

Nearly 6 million people have bipolar disorder in the United States. But the disease is still dangerously misunderstood.

In day-to-day life, everyone experiences ups and downs every now and then. Eventually, time passes on and our mood becomes better and we become “ourselves” again. Unlike the normal population, individuals living with bipolar disorder cycle through extreme mood swings that cause disruption to daily life.

Bipolar disorder is far different from the normal ups and downs of everyday life. The mood swings in someone with bipolar disorder — sometimes also called manic depression — can damage relationships.

If you are living with bipolar disorder, you may feel energetic, abnormally happy, and make reckless or impulsive decisions during manic states. During depressive states, you may feel the overwhelming urge to cry, experience feelings of hopelessness, and have a negative outlook on life.

With bipolar disorder, you don’t just feel “down in the dumps;” your depressive state may lead to suicidal thoughts that change over to feelings of euphoria and endless energy.

These extreme mood swings can occur every week maybe just twice a year. There is no defined pattern to the mood swings. One does not always occur before the other and the length of time you are in one state or the other varies as well.

The good news is that there are a number of ways to keep your moods in check and allow you to live a productive life.

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