Why Most Married Men Have Low Libido

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There’s the old joke about married couples not having much sex with each other. Well, that joke came from reality, so don’t beat yourself up over having low libido with your wife or partner. It’s normal!

However, just because it’s “normal” doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to reverse it so that you have that same high libido you did when you first met.

In the post below, you’re about to discover what’s causing this marriage = low libido phenomenon and what you can do to change the course of your sex life.

Much of the foods we eat are pumped with estrogen hormones to encourage growth. This extra estrogen that men are adding to their bodies causes their testosterone levels to decrease.

Libido goes with it.

This has led many older men to take prescribed testosterone pills, injections, and creams to keep their strength and libido up. Sadly, most never do their research to understand the side effects and the natural alternatives to prescribed testosterone.

Another cause of low libido in men is marriage. Sounds crazy but, as I explain in my video, it’s due to the feelings men associate with sex, marriage, and long-term relationships.

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