How to Boost Brainpower Now

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Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there in the first place?

You’re not the only one.

Forgetfulness and memory lapses are happening to people of all ages (not just the elderly!), and it’s happening at an alarming frequency.

However, these incidences — along with dementia and Alzheimer's — don’t have to be a part of your future (or present!).

In the post below, discover what you can do to boost your brainpower so that you can enjoy mental acuity at any age.

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Memory…Wait, What Was I Talking About?


What was that subject I wanted to talk about? Where are my car keys? Did you tell me that? I'm not sure you did.

Are you finding that you're forgetting things these days? Memory — brain function — is starting to go downhill for people, and it's not supposed to. All my friends (and even I sometimes make the joke), "Well, I'm just getting old, forgetting things." It's actually a very serious issue.

Where does this come from? What's going on?

There are so many factors, but simply put, we’re in an epidemic of people not experiencing optimal brain function.

We're going to explore some of those issues today and some practical solutions to keep your brain focused and alert and your memory and brain working correctly.

When your brain works correctly, you feel optimistic and motivated, your memory works, and you're focused. All the good stuff comes from having a healthy brain.

So let's look at what is interfering with healthy brain function, and over a period of a lifetime, is causing people to lose their minds, losing their brains.


Lead Poisoning & Your Brain


They've done research that if you lived near a freeway during 40s, 50s, or 60s, you were exposed to an increasing amount of pollution. Everybody was using leaded gas up until just before the '80s. There's lead coming out of that gas, and they found that kids who had low IQs had higher lead levels in their blood. They also found that 25 years later, people in jail all had high lead values in their blood.

Today, there's heavy metal toxicity — lead being one of the heavy metals — and it’s directly associated with Alzheimer's and dementia, and inhibited brain function.

Wow. You didn't even do that. It just happened to you.

We have to be careful with our kids because if your house was built before 1978, or painted in 1978 or before, there's lead paint. And over time, what happens is the paint starts to put out a dust that is filled with nanoparticles of lead.

Nanoparticles of lead is all it takes.

They get into your system and the receptor sites in the brain. When these heavy metals get into the receptor sites, they go into the bloodstream, they get to the brain, then they go into receptor sites that are designed to absorb zinc. When those receptor sites have lead — or mercury, cadmium, or some other heavy metal — in them, the receptor sites don't function, and you don't make the proper amounts of GABA. You're not as happy, and you don't make the proper amounts of dopamine, so you tend to have addictions and less motivation. You can get bored easily, so you seek out extreme sports.

You always have to be excited because just being relaxed is too boring. It's funny when I say people who have inhibited dopamine function can be bored, people say, "Well, I'm excited all the time." You have to be excited all the time because you can't just be relaxed. You do dangerous things to create excitement because normal peaceful life isn't enough. It's boring, so you don't give yourself a chance to even be bored. You're so busy doing one thing after another.

If you have inhibited brain receptor sites due to heavy metals, you can have love and support, and be in a nice neighborhood, have support in your life…

All the conditions can be there, but you don't feel good about yourself. You find yourself overwhelmed, overgiving, and trying to please everybody — or giving up.

These are all imbalances of optimal brain function.

Besides just losing your memory, there's a lot more to it: being able to sustain a positive mood. Heavy metals are a big part of that. So what we can do is try to avoid exposure to it. Make sure that if you're in a house in 1978, and that paint's still there, that you get the proper treatment for it. There are people that specialize in removing lead paint.

But more importantly, it's already in your body. So what do you do?


Heavy Metal Detox


Heavy metal detox: I have looked, and looked, and looked. There's zeolite — known to be the most powerful to pull out these heavy metals and free the brain from heavy metal toxicity that interferes with normal brain function.

Zeolite, you can find various products on the market. The one that I like best, is a little bottle that I take every morning. I take five drops of zeolite in a cap of water, just like a ritual before I brush my teeth. I put that water and those five drops of zeolite together, nano zeolite particles, and just drink it down.

Zeolite — at a molecular, nano-level — will go in and grab those heavy metals, absorb them, and carry them out of the body. It is fantastic. This is one of these basic simple things you can do to get rid of heavy metal toxicity.


Optimal Brain Function?


The first step to achieving optimal brain function is to get the heavy metals  — including aluminum— out of your body. There's a lot of spraying that happens in the sky from planes, and it puts aluminum into the air. So we have to be really careful about all this aluminum toxicity that’s also known to be associated with Alzheimer's.

Next is Lipitor. Lipitor is simply what they give everybody who's already not healthy with heart problems. Take some Lipitor, and you'll start having symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer's. But I've seen it again, and again: People who take Lipitor regularly, results in symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia. That's all they can say: “symptoms of,” but actually, that's what dementia is. Symptoms of dementia are dementia and Alzheimer's.


Take Your Vitamins


I'm going to just list down some of the basics that you want to make sure you're getting every day. 

Vitamin B

You need to get a good vitamin B. All the vitamin Bs are for the brain. If you're stressed or your digestion isn't working well, you need to supplement. However, most B supplements are not absorbed into the body. There's one that I found that is time-released. This means,, it allows your body to absorb the B vitamins in small doses throughout the day, so it doesn't just run out of your body.


Omega-3 — it's so important for the brain. The brain's made out of omega-3, and the best omega-3 comes from salmon fish heads, right from their brains to our brains. The research shows that can be absorbed by the brain 50 times more, this particular brand that I recommend called EurOmega-3®.

PS (phosphatidylserine)

I want to talk a little bit about another cause of dementia and Alzheimer's. A university in Chicago pointed out that it's diabetes of the brain, and that's due to unstable blood sugar. So if you want healthy brain function, you need to have stable blood sugar.

A great way to do that is by taking PS (phosphatidylserine), the number one supplement for brain function out there.

So there you have it! A lot of great suggestions so you can make sure that you have optimal brain function. 

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