Stop Taking Testosterone and Start Making It

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As men age, testosterone levels decrease. It’s just a part of aging, right?

It doesn’t have to be! You can have the testosterone levels of a young man — no matter how old you are. (No, I’m not exaggerating. I have the testosterone levels of a 30-year-old.)

If you’re wanting your vitality — and erections — back, get ready to find out how to make it happen in the following post. No drugs, medications, or side effects involved.


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Have you seen the commercials on TV talking about testosterone? I've even seen commercials on TV where they're recommending that you go to your doctor and get injections of testosterone. Other doctors will give you testosterone cream.

“Bring back your youth, bring back your vitality, bring back your libido, bring back erections. All you have to do is take testosterone.” 

Are you kidding me? 

When in history have people taken testosterone? It's not even a part of our history. There's no food that is testosterone food. I have to make that point. The body is not designed to take hormones. 


The Unspoken Side Effects


The sad truth is, I've got friends who've all been getting testosterone. Now they're coming to me because it's not working for them. It worked for a while, but now it’s not. And some of them now have big bellies as a result of it.

Well, you don't realize that when you take a hormone — any hormone (women's hormones, men's hormones) — this is not healthy to do so. It will give you symptomatic relief for a while, but the damage which has occurred continues to occur. 

There are side effects. The side effects of taking hormones are very clear, and nobody disputes this: 

If you take hormones, your body gradually loses its ability to make those hormones. 

Then you have to go and recheck and change the amount of hormones. And maybe if you've got a really, really great doctor and a lot of money, you're willing to go in and get checkups and tests all the time to have somebody give you hormones to regulate them for the rest of your life. 

If that's your choice, go for it.

But you should know: taking testosterone is taking steroids. It's the same thing. Steroids are testosterone. 

Why is it bad to take steroids? Because they cause a breakdown — a catabolic breakdown — of all your muscles later in life. 

Your body just starts breaking down as a result of taking testosterone, and your testicles begin to shrink and atrophy so that later in life you can't make testosterone.

I see these baseball and football players. They were doing their steroids. They were all pumped up. Now they wake up every morning in huge pain. Their bodies aren’t making the testosterone anymore or they don’t make enough testosterone. They're taking Viagra to cause erections because they can't make their own erections. It's amazing. 

One out of three men over 40 uses Viagra. It's shocking news to me how much Viagra is sold. Who has a problem having erections? I certainly don't. I go, "What’s going on here?" And yet you see these people do. Well, I've worked with these people. They're not making enough testosterone. 

The solution isn’t to take more testosterone. The solution is to help your body make more testosterone.


How Do You Make Testosterone? 


I was just doing a big health show where the world's leading expert on testosterone was coming in. The doctor was telling people to take testosterone. I said, "I can see you can give people testosterone, but can you help a person make their own testosterone?" And his mind just goes blank. 

“Well, no. I don't know. How do you make testosterone?” He hadn't even asked the question.

Why do men have low testosterone? He had some answers on that. 

But how do you actually, in a healthy situation, make plenty of testosterone? 

Nobody knows. It's not written anywhere. Why isn't anybody looking at that question?

Well, I’ve spent 10 years studying this question and building my own reputation as an expert in understanding men and women’s hormones and brain chemistry from a new perspective.

And here's the answer...


Cave Time

Weightlifters know increasing testosterone is necessary to build muscle mass. To increase testosterone they work out hard and then take time to rest their muscles. This is called recovery time.

Recovery time is the basis of rebuilding testosterone.

Resting, or a recovery time, is a time where you don't have to think about anybody but you. That's my Cave Time. That's Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

It's the revelation for everybody that men have always had downtime. They work hard, and then they relax. When they come home from work, they meditate, sit in front of the fire, sit in front of the TV, read the newspaper. They go into their cave for a while to relax after working hard.

The problem is, men don't stop working today. They come home, they keep working. They’re online. They’re working all the time. Men need to fully relax.

To get a job 50 years ago, on your resume it said, "What's your hobby?" If you didn't have a hobby, you weren't suitable to be hired. A hobby is something to waste your time with, have fun, to relax, to enjoy, whatever makes you happy — that's not responsible or solving a serious problem. It could be a hobby where little problems are there, little challenges, whatever, but it has to be relaxing. Something that you enjoy, something that your livelihood is not based on. That's downtime.

Men, if you're going to work hard, you need to have downtime.

If you want to build your testosterone, it's in downtime.

If you're just working hard all the time, if you're using your muscles every day, your muscles will start breaking down. If you work hard and then you rest hard, then you come back, your muscles have rebuilt, and they're stronger.

Why do they rebuild and get stronger? Because you rested hard. You rebuilt your testosterone in order to handle that situation.

Men, we're not getting enough relaxation. That is what rebuilds testosterone.


Remove Excess Estrogen

Okay, that's half the equation. There's the other group of guys who aren't out there working hard. They're out of work. They're not using their muscles. They're not challenging themselves. They're just sitting around watching TV all the time. They're stuck in the Cave.

The Cave does not rebuild your testosterone unless you're out in the world solving problems, using your potential, using it up all day long, then relaxing at night.

You've got to have your rest and relaxation time — which is not sleep. Conscious relaxation is very, very important. It could just be 30 minutes or it could be two hours. It will vary depending upon how much testosterone you've used up.

But if you don't use testosterone up by working hard, you don't rebuild it when you're resting.

And if you take testosterone, your body stops making it. You can use it up, but your body loses its ability over time to make it. So what's a solution to this?

That's the bottom line of the big hormonal balance for men…If you don't have enough testosterone, you start becoming estrogen dominant.

One of the functions of estrogen is to store fat, and a man stores fat in his belly. As soon as a man starts getting belly fat, it means he’s estrogen dominant.

That estrogen will continue to suppress your testosterone levels.

Say goodbye to normal erections, normal sex drive, normal lifestyle, normal motivation, normal goals, and adventure, and all the positive things that are masculinity inside of us.

It all just starts crumbling down.

We become whiny, wimpy, irritable, and passive and want to sit around, be content, and have people wait on us. We lose the whole gesture of being a man. It's gone because we have female hormones circulating through our bodies.

Now the problem today is, there are so many female hormones in the environment. Pesticides are female hormones. They put female hormones in the meat that we eat to fatten them up.

We’ve got female hormones all over the place. We're eating them, we're breathing them, we're drinking them. It's all over the place, and that estrogen goes in the body and suppresses our testosterone.

We’ve got to get the estrogen out of the body. A great product for that is Myomin. Myomin prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen. Once you get estrogen, you get belly fat. Belly fat inhibits testosterone production. Belly fat causes your testosterone to convert into estrogen. Estrogen stores fat in the belly. Fat in the belly prevents testosterone from increasing but converts testosterone to estrogen. It’s a pretty nasty cycle. 

Three Chinese herbs in Myomin stop that process. Take those herbs to help cleanse the liver of excess estrogens and also stop the conversion of testosterone to estrogen to become a man again. This is three capsules, three times a day, for a minimum of three months. Just put yourself in that program, and then use as needed if you still need to do it. Most people don't.

You'll get your zest back.

Combine that with Tongkat Ali, the testosterone herbs that tell your brain to make more testosterone. Because when you have high estrogen, your brain says: “Don't make testosterone” so you’ll need these herbs to counter that message and take control of the cycle.

This is what allows your brain to start sending the message down south, to start making more testosterone, and stop taking testosterone. Help your body make it.


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