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Tongkat Ali Helps Boost Testosterone Naturally

The candles are lit and some romantic music is playing, but instead of fireworks in the bedroom, you find frustration. And it’s not because of the music. When couples experience a lack of libido or sexual dysfunction in the bedroom, it can create a tremendous amount of stress in an otherwise healthy relationship.

Some men between the ages of 40 and 55 can begin to have trouble getting an erection when the moment is otherwise perfect. This is a sign of declining testosterone levels....

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What happens to attraction when your partner's body changes

Dear Lauren,

I’ve been in a deep and intimate relationship for six months. But I’m worried about her decision to lose weight to improve a long standing body image problem. A big reason I’m attracted to this girl is her glorious curvy figure and the feminine spirit that shines with it. Every time I go weak in the knees admiring her gorgeous “junk in the trunk.” I wonder if I’ll be able to feel the same if she assumes a hard and toned physique? Thinking abo...

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Erectile Dysfunction: Hard Facts About the Soft Truth

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not a natural part of aging. Men can have loving, fulfilling, and active sex lives well into old age.

ED is more common than people realize. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5 percent of men age 40 and between 15 percent and 25 percent of men age 65 experience ED on a long-term basis. Overall, an estimated 30 million Americans struggle with ED. The risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age but is not caused by age. About 40 per...

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Better Sex for Men 1

The best sex to a guy is usually when he can give her an orgasm. This causes him to feel successful and appreciated. So when I talk about ways for men to have better sex, I usually talk pabout how he can stimulate her the most.

When I interview women about what they want most from a man, again and again they tell me they want a lover with a slow hand. A man needs to remember that to increase a woman’s pleasure, he needs to delay direct stimulation. It will take longer and sometimes it...

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