8 Mistakes Men and Women Make In Arguments

Every meaningful relationship has disagreements.
It is usually the wrong res I have made a list of the 8 most common mistakes men and women make in an argument.

Let's start with the men...

8 mistakesument

1.Aggressich about being right that they don't realize thatthey often sound threatening and overwhelming.

upting her with arguments that invalidate her feelings or correct her observations
A typical comment would be "You shouldn't feel that w...

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Kiss on the First Date?

Dear John,

Why do guys want to kiss on the first date?

When I ask the
Being vague doesn’t work.

If he leans in to give a kiss, she can turn her cheek to receive the kiss and then tell him, “I'm not ready but I want to see you again.”

Just as a man needs to be respectful of a woman’s boundaries, a woman also needs to consider the messages she is giving.

When a woman says, “I don’t know. Maybe

If he doesn’t respect that ...

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Four Warning Signs In A Relationship

The pain of breaking up a romantic relationship is strongest when it comes as a surprise.

One day, you think evarning signs that a relationship is having trouble. I have been teaching them for as long as I have been giving relationship advice. I wrote about them in my firs
I call them the Four Rs and they usually progress in a particular order as a relationship progresses. First there can be feelings of resistance. Then feelings of resentment may different forms of rejection. Finally, it ...

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Can A Relationship Recover From Cheating?

Affairs are painful. an illusion.

Some people have experienced infidelity in their own intimate relationships. Some people are the children of parents who had affairs. Some people have siblings who strayed in their relationships.t are being ignored.

The most ihe end of a family?

Not in most situations, especially if the guilty partner has apologized, admitted it was a mistake, and promised to never do it again.

It’s terrible to see your par, and the communities you s...

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How To Bring Passion Back To A Relationship

So many couples ask me how they can bring back the passion to their relationship.

It’s never an easy answer.

I have counseled couples foe they have been able to restore the passion and the deep love to their relationship.

Transformation depends on ge.

If they want to make it work, they can make it work.

Sometimes even when one partner doesn’t want to wge the unwilling partner to work on the relationship too.

Besides couples counseling and therapy , there...


The Five Stages of Dating

Whether you are starting over, just starting to
Although dating can be could do when looking for love isstop l it.


I know that sounr you.

How do you know wages of Datinggives you the power to “just know” when the right person enters your life. The Five Stages also give you the understanding to “just know” when you are with the wrong person.

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that person is the right one for you. It takes times and ...


The Most Important Relationship

Most people experience problems in their relationships, and life for that matter, because they don't love themselves.

I know that sounds like a broer if it is supported...

The more you love yourself, the greater freedom you feel to express yourself. The more you express yourself, the easier it is for people to appreciate the real you and no

When you don’t love yourself this cycle moves in the opposite direction, with decreasing love and self-expression.

Every relati...

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Why Does He Pull Away?

One of the biggest challenges a woman experiences in a relationship is when a man pulls away. He may disappear for a few hours or even a few days, but it is a very natural thing for a man to do. n pulls away: don’t chase him and don’t try to make him f
When he pulls away, this is not the time for her to get aips in her life.

This will keep her happy so when he does return, he can work on making her feel happier. Her happiness is his success. When she is happy, he feels a sense...

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How To Make A Woman Happy

Men are always , "What do I do whppy?". Ms they have said or things they have tried to do to make the women in their lives happy.

But my response for all of them isme:

So how does a man makappier?

First, we need to understand why she is feeling unhappy. When a woman is unhappy, it's due to stress. Her hormones are out of balance and she needs help getting the
When a woman is stressed out and unhappy, a man will usually react defensively and think he needs to ...

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Why Probiotics Are So Important For Overall Health

Ever ha
There may re to it than you realize.

It is estimated tha
Today, we know maintaining a healthy balance y to suffer from a wide range of diseases and conditions.

A recent study found that the addition of a “good” strain of the bacteria lactobacillus to the gut of mice reduced their anxiety levels. The effect was blocked after cutting bacteria to affect the brain.

Balancinaut, and fermented fish, all offer a helathy amount of good bacteria.

In our mode...

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What Women Want In Relationships

SigmunWhat do women want?” but he never found a definitive answer. I my book, Beyond d Venus.

As relationships continue to evolve and change, the needs and wants of women Today women can certainly take care of themselves, but the echoes of evolution remain.

The most important tver today it is emotional safety than physical safety.

In the past men protem physical danger; today women need men to create emotional safety so that they can express themselves and their feelings ...

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You're a real catch but here's why women aren't interested.

Dear Lauren,

I’m a good-looking guy, so I know my looks are not the problem. But every time I try talking to a girl, getting close to a girl, or try to take “dating” to the next level, it never works out. I’m a funny guy, fairly wise, very goal oriented, and I’m very social. But the bottom line is, I’m just not very good with “relationships” or dating in general. Can you help give me a clue on how to be more successful with the ladies?



My #1 Relationship Mistake (and the 'rule' that changed everything for me)

My #1 Relationship Mistake
I had an unusual childhood. My dad was the number one self-help author of all time and the world's leading relationship expert. I was a kid who ate dinner to the tune of gender and relationship discussions and boy, did I learn a lot. So when I first started dating, I assumed I had it all figured out.

It’s safe to say I was W R O N G.

I had several relationships that started wonderfully. My boyfriends would make me endlessly happy, and I wa...

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Four Stages To Creating A Soul Mate Relationship

To have ful relationship, you need tourself.

Most people who complain air relationship are simply missing the passion they fnning of the relationship. They want more passion, better communication, and a closer connener.

In my boo describe the feelings and thoughts people experience when they are not getting what they need in their relationships. I also explain in depth what you nr relationship and create a lasting and pasnship. You should read my book for a clear un

There ar...

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What Stops People From Creating A Soul Mate Relationship?

When I first wjor challenge in most relationships was learning how to accept and understand our common gender differences in order to improve communicatihe romance.

While readers found these insights werwill today, now the bigger challenge is to balance the expression of our male and female sides to lower our stress and create – a Soul Mate relationship.

Balanuline And Fene

As women become decisio valuable and important, but without the support they need to return to t...


The top 5 relationship efforts that give you even more in return.

Happy Valentines Day/Week!
Newsfeeds will be full of picture perfect couples – getting engaged, flashing new jewelry, bouquets of flowers, etc. And I think it’s great that these men and women get to bask in the romantic glow of their partner’s loving attention on this special day.

But great relationships can’t survive on Valentine’s Day efforts alone. A great relationship needs to be fed with loving attention every day.

Does that sound exhaustin...

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Are you sacrificing too much in the name of love?

Hey Lauren,

I really love your blogs, they make a lot of sense, and I need your help with something. I’m 39 years old and I’m engaged to a woman I adore. Here’s my problem, she nags me all the time. I want to be there for her but it feels like she’s always demanding so much time and energy. I know you’re supposed to “compromise” in a relationship but it seems like I’m making all the sacrifices and I’m starting to feel like this relations...

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From A Role Mate Relationship To A Soul Mate Relationship

I wrote Men Are From Mars, Womcountries.

When I travel the world,
The short answer: yes, essentially.
The long answer iomplex.

Men Are from Matimeless teachings that can be applied to every relationship in your life. But I realize the world has changed dramatically since I wrote it.
her. Communication has changed. More women are in the workplace. More men are taking on greater responsibilities a
We know more about what it takes to create strong rfill those expectations, we have...


A simple exercise to open your heart to each other no matter what.

Gratitude practice has become a popular path to experiencing more happiness and fulfillment in life. But you may be surprised to know how “gratitude” can help your relationship as well.

Most of our dissatisfaction in life comes from looking at what we don’t have, at the absence of something we want.

I want my partner to listen to me and he doesn’t.
I want my partner to let me watch my show in peace and she doesn’t.
I want my partner to be affecti...

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How To Have A Complaint-free Relationship

For many men and women, the thounds like heaven. In a complaint-free relationship, love is sure to grow. But complaints are a part of life. To not complhip does not mean you can never complain; it means you don’t complain about your partner to your partner. You can still complain about other things.

Men and women are sensitive to complaints in diffnts, but will feel overwhelmed and resentful as a re her.

Complaints are a necessary part of life, but we need to upgrade our skills i...

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