Why Valentine's Day is just like going to the Dentist.

Why is Valentine’s Day like going to the Dentist? Why would I imply such a detestable thing when I’m a lover of love and I teach relationships for a living?

Great questions.

I have NOTHING against Valentine’s Day. I LOVE Valentine's Day! But maybe not for the reasons you think. I don’t love Valentine’s Day because it’s a day where we practice romance and buy things for each other and say, “I love you.”

I love Valentine's D...


10 things I do daily to keep my relationship bulletproof.

Valentine's Day shouldn't be the ONE day a year
you see or make an effort toward your relationship.
Valentine's Day, as I see it, is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the solid, loving, fun, passionate and committed relationship you've thoughtfully nurtured and built over
the rest of the year.

Which is why I'm sharing with you today,
The 10 things I do daily to keep my relationship bulletproof.

Because Grand Gestures are GREAT!
But real ...


The winning 3-step process to create a perfect Valentine's Day

Don’t be intimidated Gents. It’s just Valentine’s day…

You may be experiencing some pressure at the thought of this upcoming holiday. It’s a time for romance, intimacy and… (trumpet solo)… Grand Gestures!

It’s up to YOU to plan it, create it, and set the mood for it.

You may even get the sense from your lady that this Valentine’s Day will be a chance to redeem yourself for not being a romantic partner for the REST of the ye...

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