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3 Secrets to Stop Attracting Mr. Wrong

Dear Lauren,

For a long time now, I have been seeing a man that only wants sex from me. This seems to be a pattern for me. Can a woman do something unconsciously to attract this type of man even though she wants a whole life relationship?


Dear Kate,

Absolutely she can! And I’ll tell you how. But first I want to teach you the formula to break A pattern, before we dive in to breaking YOUR pattern.

Step #1: See through the excuses and justifications and acknowle...

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How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Men in 3 Simple Steps

Hi Lauren. I’m single but I want to be in a relationship. How do I make a man want me?


Hi Allie,

Great question. This is a big question on a lot of single women’s minds. Because sometimes, good ol’ fashioned “be yourself” just doesn’t cut it.

Most of the time the reality of “being yourself” in front of a cute guy means clamming up and acting “cool, ” which includes NOT saying hi.

He can’t fall in...

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