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Here's to finally getting the love you deserve in 2014! (a simple 3-step guide)

It’s okay to want more

Sometimes we’ve gone so long without the thing we want THE MOST that it’s scary to connect with our desire for it. In most cases, across gender, culture, and creed, the thing we want the most is LOVE. As John Gray says, “The major cause of human dissatisfaction and frustration is the absence of love.”

And as another John said, “Love is all you need.” ;-)

But instead of doing the work to create more love, our new year...


Is it over? How to tell when it's time to put down a relationship.

Dear Lauren,

I am not sure whether I still love my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 4 years but have been apart for 2 years due to study. Now we are back together in the same area and I’m questioning my feelings. He’s very passionate for me but I keep complaining about the way he does everything: mama’s boy, too clean, obnoxious laugh… Does this mean the chemistry is not there anymore? We discussed this together and he says he will change but I feel it is to...


How to avoid the "let's just be friends" axe

Dear Lauren,

I’ve been dating this guy for 4 months. Then he got very busy at work and after 6 weeks of spotty contact I told him my feelings were hurt. I emailed/texted him multiple times a day asking what had happened and when could we talk? He sent an angry email saying he was working14-hour days and couldn’t deal with this right now and that all he has to offer is friendship. Am I pathetic to hope he might want to be with me after things calm down? If he does, should I expec...


Is breaking up the end?

Dear Lauren,
I am in a long distance relationship. Before he left we committed to spending our lives together. It was great! We emailed and web chatted everyday; we even planned my visit to see him. But the lack of communication grew day by day. After about a month, I ended it through a breakup letter expressing my hurt. I basically asked how anyone who truly loved me could exclude me like this and be this inconsiderate of my feelings? He called once but I missed it. Since then, he hasn’...

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