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Here's to finally getting the love you deserve in 2014! (a simple 3-step guide)

It’s okay to want more

Sometimes we’ve gone so long without the thing we want THE MOST that it’s scary to connect with our desire for it. In most cases, across gender, culture, and creed, the thing we want the most is LOVE. As John Gray says, “The major cause of human dissatisfaction and frustration is the absence of love.”

And as another John said, “Love is all you need.” ;-)

But instead of doing the work to create more love, our new year...

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How to win a girl's heart when you're not the only one vying for it.

Dear Lauren,
I’ve had a crush on this woman for about a month. We’ve gone out several times, and we seemed to be hitting it off. Then she starts to back away. I decide its best to completely back off: no telephone, no Facebook, no texting. I still run into her because we’re in the same social circles. This makes it hurt more. Then, it comes to my attention that I’m not the only one who’s interested in this woman, there’s another. I’m the good guy, the ...


6 places to find your future girlfriend (and HOW to approach her)

Dear Lauren,
Now that I’m out of school I’m having a hard time meeting women. I just really don’t know how to approach them or spark a conversation. Can you give me some tips?

Hey Andrew,

I’d be happy to give you some tips. I wish I could offer you a fool-proof pick up line but in my opinion, it doesn’t exist. I find that a more authentic approach is the way to go. My dad says that the best way to spark a conversation is to introduce yourself. ...


15 steps to follow on a first date to have her begging for a second.

Dear Lauren,
What should a man do on a first date when he doesn’t know her well?

Hi Beruk,

Great question! And the answer is simple.

Be a gentleman.

First date moves that will win her heart

1. Plan the date. If you are the one to plan the date than you already have points in your favor.
Try to avoid the more traditional dinner and a movie. It's a long time to commit to a total stranger. Opt for something more casual, short, fun and unique....


10 ways to sweep your lady off her feet this Valentine's Day

Don’t be intimidated Gents. It’s just Valentine’s day!

A lot of you will experience some pressure at the thought of this upcoming holiday. It’s a time for romance, intimacy and grand gestures. And it’s up to you to plan it, create it, and set the mood for it. Some of you may even get the sense from your lady that this Valentine’s Day will be a chance to redeem yourself for not being a romantic partner for the rest of the year. It’s definitely hard t...

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My girl has pulled away, what does this mean?

Hi Lauren,

I started a new relationship 2 months ago. We’ve spent a large amount of time together in bliss and we both seemed to really enjoy the attachment. My girlfriend has recently had out of town family members come to visit and between me and them had little time for herself. Is it appropriate and healthy for the relationship if she indicates she needs time apart from the relationship to take care of herself? It also seems on other occasions when she wants to take time for herse...

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