A simple exercise to open your heart to each other no matter what.

Gratitude practice has become a popular path to experiencing more happiness and fulfillment in life. But you may be surprised to know how “gratitude” can help your relationship as well.

Most of our dissatisfaction in life comes from looking at what we don’t have, at the absence of something we want.

I want my partner to listen to me and he doesn’t.
I want my partner to let me watch my show in peace and she doesn’t.
I want my partner to be affecti...


Want a successful relationship? When your partner let's you down, do this...

It’s easy to find fault. It’s always going to be easy to find fault in our partners. We’re human. We make mistakes. And because we open our hearts to and find ourselves leaning on our partner’s for support, it can be VERY obvious when they screw something up, make a mistake, or let us down.

But what separates a dissatisfying relationship from a fulfilling one is looking past the fault and finding the loving intention. Squinting through your partner’s mistake...

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The 3-part inevitable decline of a relationship without me-time

I love spending time with you
…just not ALL the time.

Somewhere along the way, we were taught that, “love means never letting go.”

This is a beautiful sentiment when you’re talking about sticking together as a couple through ups and downs.

This becomes a very detrimental sentiment when we take it as literally never letting our partner’s go and being together all the time.

Being together all the time isn’t love. It’s a...

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