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Here's to finally getting the love you deserve in 2014! (a simple 3-step guide)

It’s okay to want more

Sometimes we’ve gone so long without the thing we want THE MOST that it’s scary to connect with our desire for it. In most cases, across gender, culture, and creed, the thing we want the most is LOVE. As John Gray says, “The major cause of human dissatisfaction and frustration is the absence of love.”

And as another John said, “Love is all you need.” ;-)

But instead of doing the work to create more love, our new year...

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3 sure-fire ways to fully enjoy intimacy

Hi Lauren,

I am 33 years old and I’ve never had an orgasm during intercourse. What do I need to do to have one? Do I have a disability down there?


Hi Maria,

The world has been lying to you

You do NOT have a disability.

Surprise! Only 30% of women orgasm from stimulation to their G-spot alone.

You wouldn't know the number was that low based on T.V., movies and porn because the women we see there ALWAYS orgasm from sex.

Unfortunately, med...

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Tired of missionary? A step by step guide to coaxing more variety in the bedroom

Dear Lauren,
I married last January and when I have sex with my wife she only wants to do one position and refuses to shift to any other position. I have tried many times but she is adamant. We have similar height and weight and both of us do not have any physical problems. How can I convince her to have sex in more positions?

Hi Dean,

I know a lot of men will relate to this question. This particular battle of the sexes is as common as the “you didn’t put the toil...


Is the honeymoon over...forever?

Dear Lauren,
I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 3 years and its getting rough. We are still very much in love but I find myself being irritated with him all the time, taking him for granted and not appreciating him like I used to. I watch myself be pissy with him and its like I can’t control it. What’s going on? How can I make it like it used to be?

Hey Lisa,
Wow, three years in the honeymoon phase! I’m impressed. If you’re 23-years-old, I&rsquo...

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