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What your partner REALLY wants for Christmas but will never ask for.

Holidays: Ideal vs. Reality

When I say "Christmas," I really mean Holidays. Because this has nothing to do with religion, tradition, or culture.

This is relationship specific.

In theory this time of year is supposed to be fun, jolly, warm and relaxing. Surrounding the fireplace sipping on hot toddies. Laughing around the dinner table because someone accidently put salt in the apple pie instead of sugar (this actually happened – shout out to my Aunt!)

In theory...

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Are you his number one priority or is someone else?

Dear Lauren,
My boyfriend and I been in a relationship for 9 months and see each other every weekend. The problem is that sometimes when we get an opportunity to get together on a weeknight he almost always has plans with the “guys” and blows me off. I feel like I’m second choice to his buddies and he doesn’t understand why I feel this way. Am I being unreasonable or is he?

Hi Katy,

This particular argument, “Are friends more important than the s...

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How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Men in 3 Simple Steps

Hi Lauren. I’m single but I want to be in a relationship. How do I make a man want me?


Hi Allie,

Great question. This is a big question on a lot of single women’s minds. Because sometimes, good ol’ fashioned “be yourself” just doesn’t cut it.

Most of the time the reality of “being yourself” in front of a cute guy means clamming up and acting “cool, ” which includes NOT saying hi.

He can’t fall in...

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