Head to head with my dad Q and A: The Mars and Venus perspectives

This week my dad (John Gray) and I teamed up with Zoosk to do some quick turn around Q and A.

No, I didn’t just make that crazy word up. If you don’t know about Zoosk, they are the #1 dating app with over 25 million members globally! WOW! You can check them out and learn more about their “behavioral matchmaking” HERE.

In addition to being a great company bringing couples together all over the world, they’ve also got an amazing Facebook community and this w...

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Is it just sex or does he genuinely care for me?

Dear Lauren,
I met a guy online who invited me to go sailing and have dinner on his boat. I was surprised to find he was noticeably shorter and older than he stated in his profile. I figured I’d stick it out anyway. After dinner we made love in the cabin. I’m not someone who sleeps with a man on the first date but I was swept away and felt helpless to stop. He took me sailing two more times that month, 8-9 hours of talking, having fun and making love. I really felt connected to him...

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