The top 5 relationship efforts that give you even more in return.

Happy Valentines Day/Week!
Newsfeeds will be full of picture perfect couples – getting engaged, flashing new jewelry, bouquets of flowers, etc. And I think it’s great that these men and women get to bask in the romantic glow of their partner’s loving attention on this special day.

But great relationships can’t survive on Valentine’s Day efforts alone. A great relationship needs to be fed with loving attention every day.

Does that sound exhaustin...

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How to support your partner when they have a bad day (It's not what you think!)

Dear Lauren,

When something upsets my boyfriend or when anything upsets me, we feel responsible for each other. For example, if he gets upset about some incident, I feel guilty like it is somehow my fault when in fact I had nothing to do with it! It’s the same with him, if he sees me upset, he feels down. What do we do in this case? Is this normal?


Dear Carrie,

I think it is totally normal! It’s natural for human beings, no matter what their gender, to suf...

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How to get rid of his 'bad habits' and live together in bliss.

Dear Lauren,

I love your blogs. They’ve helped me so much. My question is: my boyfriend moved in with me about two months ago. Both of us have been living on our own for more than 10 years, and for me, I get upset when I see his bad-living-together habits creeping into my space. How do I keep it at a minimum without making living with me miserable for him? Thank you Lauren for your advice!! Xxoo.

- Natasha

Hi Natasha!

Great question. I remember when I moved in with my p...

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What 'Leave me alone' ACTUALLY means in a relationship.

“Leave me alone!” doesn’t mean
what you think it means.
When it comes to a man, the words “Leave me alone,” mean one thing only. Leave him the heck alone or face the fire-breathing dragon.

No mystery.

No intrigue.

No dance steps.

It means exactly what it says.

But when it comes to a woman, this phrase is slightly more nuanced and can mean more than one thing.

(It’s not fair but it’s true.)

This leaves most...

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Why men fight dirty in arguments (and how to take the high road to love!)

Dear Lauren,

I made a mistake-I yelled at my husband to the point that he retreated into his cave. I followed him in there and he said, “Leave me alone!” but I kept pushing. He said some really hurtful things like he doesn’t think our relationship is working and that he doesn’t want to have kids with me because he doesn’t think I’d be a good mother. I left him a note that I’d be back in two weeks and went to my parent’s house. I thought he nee...


Head to head with my dad Q and A: The Mars and Venus perspectives

This week my dad (John Gray) and I teamed up with Zoosk to do some quick turn around Q and A.

No, I didn’t just make that crazy word up. If you don’t know about Zoosk, they are the #1 dating app with over 25 million members globally! WOW! You can check them out and learn more about their “behavioral matchmaking” HERE.

In addition to being a great company bringing couples together all over the world, they’ve also got an amazing Facebook community and this w...

John Gray Mars Venus Soul Mate Relationship Weekend Seminar