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From Friend Zone To Romance

From Friend Zone To Romance


He said what?!!

I’m a big talker when I’m awake. But the big strong silent guy on my arm becomes a chatty Cathy when the lights go out.

That’s right. He’s a sleep talker.

Sometimes it’s an emergency and he jumps out of bed to say urgently, “Hold up your corner or it’s going to fall! Quick!” or “Get out of bed quick! The spiders are coming! They’re everywhere. Out! Out!”

My emergency man…putting out fires and saving lives eve...


Mirror MIrror on the Wall-I hate you

There comes a time, once a month, when my closet turns on me.

Nothing looks right. Nothing goes together. My hair isn't even behaving. I try hats, headbands, scarves, necklaces, belts and STILL there doesn't seem to be anything sufficient to cover up or distract from my bad hair and impossible outfit.

I normally get ready much faster than my sweetie but once a month, I make up for it.

Today was one of those days. We needed to meet my parents for dinner but No. I can'...


Hello, I'm a fork...

I'm a big proponent of a man leaving notes for his woman, from the wooing stage to beyond. It means he's thinking of you when you aren't around and that makes us girls feel warm and fuzzy. Receiving a handwritten note from anyone in the days of the text message is pretty special but it's even more impressive when men do it. And I’ll tell you why…

Men's brains are different than women's. Men have more grey matter in their brains while women have more whit...


Ooh Ooh, What a little flower can do!

I’ve been needing some space for the last couple of days. I have a lot going on and I’m stretching myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m investing a lot of energy in myself, both to grow and to nurture and comfort myself through the growth. In these times I know that I don’t have much to give to others. And that’s okay.

What makes it even more okay is that my sweetie respects this.

As long as I clearly ask for space and define what that looks like, he&rsq...


Vacation Sex

Yesterday I was distracted and a bit of a stress mess. There has been loud and obnoxious construction work being done in our basement for the past two weeks. Here’s the sitch, our landlord/handyman, Herman, loves to yell and fight with his wife Tina. The 80 year old electrician that Herman likes to hire doesn’t have a license to drive so Tina drives him here. The three of them love to scream at each other. So in addition to the power tools and loud sharp bangs of a hammer, I get to l...

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